Sony Power Charger 4pcs AA 2100mAh Cycle Energy Original

Sony Power Charger 4 pcs AA Cycle Energy 2100mAh suit well for your digital camera or electronic devices. The batteries are rechargeable up to 1000x and recyclable - hence saving both money and the environment

* Slim and Lightweight with sophisticated design
* Colokan bisa langsung ke stopkontak
* Battery Sony Cycle Energy 2100mAh, dapat di charge up to 1000x, precharge (dapat langsung dipakai begitu dibuka dari kemasan, tanpa perlu dicharge dulu) , lasts 3x longer than alkaline, Low Self Discharge ( dapat disimpan dalam waktu yg lama tanpa kehilangan isi, isi hanya berkurang 25% saat 1 tahun kemudian)
* Rechargeable battery combination free ( 1~ 4 AA & AAA individual charging function) , bisa men-charge 1 sampai 4 battery, individual charging channel
* Worldwide Voltage ( AC 100V -240V)
* New environmentally friendly packaging with less corrugated paper
* Can charge up to 4 AA or 4 AAA in any combination
* Automatic safety charge cut off function
* Voltage monitoring function
* Safety timer
* Alkaline battery detection

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