Powergenix Quick 1-2 Hour Charger 1,6V 4 Slot AA / AAA

Powergenix NiZn Fast Charger :
Power Supply : 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz International Compatible
Charge Rate:
1 or 2 PCS AA 1500mA
3 or 4 PCS AA 750mA
1 or 2 PCS AAA 700mA
Recharges 1 to 4 AA or 2 AAA NiZn battries at a times.
Built-in switching power techology(100-240VAC). Microprocessor or Controlled - The life of the batteries is protected by voltage cut-off funtion and timer protection.
Temperature sensors to prevent batteries from damage caused by over-heating.
Automatic charging current selection for NiZn AA or AAA batteries.
Equipped with 2 LED lights to indicate charging mode:
- Red LED light on - Quick Charge;
- Green LED light on - after full charge;
- Red light flashing - Batteries are not suitable for charging(Bad battery detection.)
The PowerGenix Battery Charger delivers an efficient charge at a great value. Charge your AA or AAA NiZn batteries in about three to five hours. It features a built-in "switching" power supply which will automatically adjust to any voltage from 100-240VAC for international use. The PowerGenix Fast Charger is intended for use with eco-friendly NiZn batteries only. NiZn technology is perfectly suited for high-tech devices like MP3 players, digital cameras, toys, and LED lights.
Package included:
1 x NiZn Charger Only (Tanpa Baterai)
* Baterai AA Powergenix Nizn Ada di Etalase Jual Terpisah Juga

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